1. Product Conception

Give me some ideas how an online entrepreneur could turn a service into a product?

I am a yoga instructor who want to sell yoga courses online. However, I’m quite introverted and neurotic, tell me how I could be successful at doing that.

Here is an example, I am a stay at home mom, who loves painting and I would like to make money online. How can I do that? This is not me though. After your response help me create my own online business plan by asking me a series of questions.

2. Minimal Viable Product

Take the concept of a minimum viable product (MVP) and discuss it in terms of helping a new online entrepreneur get their first product or service out on the Internet, so they can start marketing and making money right away.

Explain to me how imperative it is to get your product to launch and how is one of the biggest barriers to coaches or content providers being successful.

3. Work Less / Specialize More

Explain Pareto’s Principle and how I can use it in my online business?

The 80/20 rule can sometimes be difficult for perfectionists and people new to online business to follows. Provide me some tips on how to help them move their product or idea forward.

Explain Pareto’s principle in turns of scaling your business from 1000 to 10000 users. Explain it in terms for creating a sales funnel.


4. Community Building

Let’s talk about building a community to support an online business. How it that helpful?

5. Scaling Your Business

I’m looking to start an online business, explain to me why the first product I sell has to be infinitely scalable. And then delineate the six key components necessary to accomplish this.

6. Work / Stress and Life Style Balance.

As a business owner how many hats do I need to wear? It seems like I’m doing everything all the time, and never seem to get ahead.

Overcoming Analysis to Paralysis – Launching a less than complete “crappy” product first.

I was watching a video by Mel Robbins. She said we often don’t do things because we don’t ‘feel’ like it. But in truth we need to do things we don’t ‘feel’ like to be successful. Give me six tips to move forward on launching and selling a product or service online using this philosophy.

7. Rich Dad / Poor Dad

Speak more to this based on Robert Kiyosaki’s book – Rich Dad, Poor Dad and shifting from the self-employed (S) to business owner quadrant (B).

8. Niche Market

What’s a niche market in terms of selling a product or service?

In terms of sales and marketing how do I discover a niche market I can sell to?

I found a niche market I plan to sell to, what are some easy ways for me to start?

9. Market Research

Give me a step-by-step guide on how to do market research for a niche market. Assume I’ve never done it before so keep it simple.

I am considering doing some niche market research to give me a clarity on what I need to offer online entrepreneurs. I want to help them succeed by moving them from the planning stage to the action and sales stage. How can I do this on a budget of $100.

10. Pain Points

What are the major pain points guitar players are discussing on Reddit?


What are the major pain points entrepreneurs are discussing on Reddit?

Note: This is a full chain from automatic market research, to program development, to a full program where you can email your student everyday to keep them motivated. This is $3000 service you’re getting for free. Requires you to install Web ChatGPT and only works with ChatGPT 3.5 not 4 for some reason. Enjoy!

Even works without online access.


What are the major pain points for dog owners. I want to create an online program for them.


11. Growing Your Audience

My social media platform of choice is Instagram (insert other social media platform as needed). And I want to sell an easy to follow online business start-up course for entrepreneurs. First explain the best me to grow my audience then give me a 10-point plan for me to follow.


12. Customer Service

Explain the concept of good faith in business and how it can be used for improved customer service.


13. Business Scalability

I’m looking to start an online business, explain to me why the first product I sell has to be infinitely scalable. And then delineate the six key components necessary to accomplish this.


14. Sales and Marketing

Roleplay your sales skills with a skeptical but potential customer interested in your product or service.


Simplified Instagram Marketing guidance.


15. Increasing Cash Flow

As a new entrepreneur, explain to me the concept of how ‘cash is king’. And how the essence of any business is taking what you are investing whether that is time or money (or both) and converting it into more cash then you started with.


16. Marketing AI Expert Prompt

Ask your AI Marketing Coach anything about your business.


17. ChatGPT Ghost Writer AI

ChatGPT Ghostwriter AI Activation